What are you building?

I was digging through some old documents and came across a set of questions we asked ourselves before starting CoTweet.

When kicking off a new project, it’s important to set goals – and stick to them.

What are we building?

We are building a salable entity. A company that can stand on it’s own without us running the day to day.

What are our goals? How will we measure success?

My personal goal is to be able to give freely. Whether it be of my time or finances.

What’s the scope of our collective capabilities? What capabilities are we missing? How will we fill the gaps?

Our main strengths lie in idea creation though functional prototyping.

  • Aaron – Idea Creation / Prototype Development
  • Kyle – Idea Development / Interaction & UI
  • Jesse – Marketing / PM

How big do we want to get?

The core company should remain small and agile. Maybe only business management/accounting?

How do we determine how much time we can invest in products?

If you put a formula to this, nothing will get done. “Keep moving forward”.

How important will a physical space be? If important, where is it?

Having a common “go-to” space is a must, but not necessarily for full-time work.

What type of project work do we want? How will we differentiate ourselves in what will become an increasingly competitive market (interactive services)?

I think if we can stick to “Idea creation through functional prototyping” we can set ourselves apart as experts while maintaining a small client base.